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Wednesday, May 31st- to do

Started May-31 by friedchickn; 99 views.
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From: friedchickn


I took one for the team and got up with the kitten at 4.  Sat and tried to enjoy my coffee while the little #### went back to sleep on my lap.  Gonna be a long day now....

I've got a dentist appt at 11.  Hate going to the dentist but it's a necessary evil I suppose.

Dh got I'll do bills and pay the quarterly taxes.

Breakfast and lunch are more leftovers.  Dinner out tonight...maybe we'll drag food home....who knows.

Definitely need a dump trip....if only for the cans.

And I should be able to start washing winter gear....finally...

Should put the tomatoes and peppers I got in the ground.  maybe I'll get something

Not sure what I'll do for a workout....probably this afternoon when I get back from the dentist.

Finished succession last night!!!!  So good!!!!


From: scapermom


We must have crossed the streams yesterday with our posts lol

You reminded me I need to make a dentist appointment

I didn’t catch the Succession bug. Didn’t seem like something I’d like. DD seems to be obsessed with all the social media surrounding it even tho she doesn’t watch it. I’ll see if it’s on MAX from the beginning and maybe check it out with her