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Tuesday, June 6-to do list

Started Jun-6 by friedchickn; 129 views.
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From: friedchickn


Sigh....she started at 4...I gave up at 4:45...gonna be a long day now.

So far I've just fed the herd and myself...and I'm still slowly sipping coffee....

Dog bowls, dog toes and dog's a doggy kinda day.

Gonna do a pliability here in a bit...crossfit after lunch.

piano practice....also need to print some stuff

I'd like to vacuum dh's office and start steaming the giant pile that now needs steaming.

Leftovers for lunch.

Might go with a friend for dinner....


From: scapermom


Wow really early bird! What does she do to wake you? Never had an inside cat 

I’m up & at em - got laundry going, dog’s been out & fed, and kitchen started. After coffee, I’ll do the zone mission which is the silverware drawer

Habit this month is drinking water

also have DHs shirt that he spilled oil on to deal with - left it soaking last night

elliptical & arm work 

Leftovers from yesterday include Costco & vacuum and damp mopping

some calls to make - see how sis made out with PT for her arm

a few piles to organize - still haven’t found places for all of DDs stuff - may get some of those sterilite bins

remind DH of his list since he’s home today

dog walk

figure out what I’m wearing for the grad party we have this weekend - it’s an outside pool party, but not sure anything fits from last summer

Dinner will be chicken thighs - may do a repeat of the drumsticks - some in instant pot & some in oven - 2 meals in one shot


From: friedchickn


she purrs and purrs and rubs all over my face and tries to curl up under my chin or eat my necklace or nurse on my ears....and purrs and rubs...and flips and's adorable and crazy making!!!!