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Wednesday, June 7th - To Do

Started Jun-7 by scapermom; 87 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


It was one of those toss & turn type of nights & really wanted to stay in bed this morning, but got up for the dog. Who’s in charge here? 

Glad my next coffee order is coming soon. Going to go through it

morning routine started -laundry’s going, dog’s been out & fed, need to unload dishwasher

Today’s zone mission is to clean out the fridge 

Got my big water jug filled for drinking - the habit

Air quality here today is unhealthy - I don’t understand how Canada can’t put out these fires or that they are so bad they are effecting us hundreds of miles south of them? - I’m just going to go out for watering and dog walk later 

I may head to Aldi’s if I have enough of a list or maybe the indoor farm market in the next town

it’s wednesday so I’ll do bills and what goes with that - receipts need taking care of

have several stacks of papers to go through

walk At home workout sounds good for today

have been thinking of joining one of those sites that give you free books to read in exchange for reviews - need to research for legit-ness

burgers are on tonight’s menu


From: friedchickn


I managed to get the kitten to go back to sleep twice last I only lost about 2 hours of sleep.  Up earlyish to deal with a mulch delivery and I'm waiting on a septic cap ( got cracked...probably did it when they pumped out this fall, and the guy didn't say anything...grrr)

Then it's DUMP DAY!!!  Which has to happen....I've got no more room for recycling

Super sore, so I'll just do a romwod today and maybe a long dog walk if I can escape.

piano practice

Pull out the sourdough...tomorrow I'll make something with it.

And then....who knows...