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Friday, June 9th-to do

Started Jun-9 by friedchickn; 130 views.
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From: friedchickn


Thx to dh and a gummy, I slept pretty darn good and feel like a new woman!  Of course I also have a scratch on my face....apparently I slept through that.

Waiting for the cleaning lady to arrive and I have a load of laundry going.

Then I'll pack for a rainy weekend on the boat.

Might do a pliability workout and will probably practice piano. 

Other than that....probably not much....


From: scapermom


Morning routine underway - dog done, laundry going, kitchen ongoing

Still getting the air quality alerts, but it seems to be much better than it was at least. But getting that lingering campfire smell.

Looks like rain tho they aren’t forecasting it. So I’ll go water the veggies and maybe transfer the indoor tomato & basil plants outside. Need to separate some of the squash seedlings as well since they seem to have bunched together somehow. If they all survive I’ll have a bumper crop of various s1quash 

DH is over by his parents taking them to appointments & other errands

DD & I are planning a shopping excursion later to find something to wear to this outdoor daytime grad party we have this weekend 

Dog walk

zone mission is to check cleaning supplies 

Elliptical & arm workout

need to order my coconut milk from amazon 

find a new book to read 

Dinner will be grilled halibut - did an order from vital choice so we eat more fish