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Thursday, August 24th - To Do

Started Aug-24 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Up and sort of at em - Dog got her peanut butter/pill, I got laundry started (doing DDs bedding), kitchen mostly put to rights 

DH is home today but went by his parents to see how they’re faring. His mom is on her 2nd week of chemo and has no patience or energy for his dad (who has dementia now)

zone mission for me are the nightstands and then I’ll spend 15 in DDs zones

leftovers from yesterday include some follow up on a credit card we thought we were no longer using and the automatic charges going there and closing out DDs 529. Oh and figuring out if I extended warranty on the dishwasher 

Gardening for a bit if the weather holds - looks like I’ve got one or 2 more cucumbers ready to pick and the winter squash are starting to come up

Duolingo - Ive got a streak going and a quest with DH

I am defrosting scallops for tonight’s dinner (need to buy more fish)

more Lincoln Highway to read


From: friedchickn


My calf is killing me...but I still got my ass up and went to pilates.  I just didn't do any toe raises which seemed to aggravate it (oddly....yesterday's rope work in crossfit didn't bother it at all)

Breakfast...cereal and the last of the walnuts I've been trying to use up.  Blackberries too.  Lunch leftovers.  Dinner out.  Scale didn't move....if I'm reasonable today and tonight....

I'll start a load of laundry and fix dh's bike pants...another tear from this weekend.

Stopped at the PO on the way back.  Need to drop off GG's paid bill later today


Then Enduro tonight...