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Thursday, September 7th - To Do

Started Sep-7 by scapermom; 117 views.
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From: scapermom


Slowly getting started with my routines - dog’s been out & had a pill, going to walk her in a bit while it’s under 80. Started in the kitchen and looked at doing some laundry, but need to go around collecting first

Have a ton of email to get through

quick post office visit and maybe throw in some Aldi

zone mission is to declutter the wraps drawer

Elliptical day and maybe a plank

Need to figure out if I’m going to this family event this weekend or not and let my SIL know

I finished Book Lovers yesterday - gave it 5 stars - either my standards are now so low or I really enjoyed reading it lol. Loved the banter between the characters and the homage to the classic hallmark tropes. 

I’m on hold/wait lists for several books that are weeks long so I have to pick something from what’s unread on my Nook or grab a random book from the e-library/Libby

DD talked me into joining - sort of a goodreads for movies and I’ve been having fun listing what I’ve seen on there - haven’t done reviews yet tho. I’m Scapermom on there too