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Monday, September 11th - To Do

Started Sep-11 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the List?

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From: scapermom


Morning routine hopping along - dog’s done, laundry’s going, kitchen started 

Weekly Monday house blessing started - stripped bed, towels & table linens, sanitized kitchen surfaces. I’ll do the rest later in the afternoon (vac,mop,dust,polish mirrors/doors, purge papers, empty trash)

Weighed and lost 1.6 lbs since last week - total of 4.8 since 8/1 - doesn’t seem like much but at least it’s going in the right direction

I have a hair appointment at 10 

new zone is the main bathroom & the stash & dash room aka guest room - missions are to wipe down around the base & back of toilet & to toss things from the stash & dash room to throw away or recycle

Another rainy day so don’t have to water veg - should check for anything ready to pick tho

upper body workout or a walk at home

poor dog has been without a walk for 3 days now - maybe I’ll take her for one in between the rain if it’s not too gross out

update the planner

no idea about dinner - i think i have frozen chicken breasts I can make something with

I have a book to start but made the mistake of reading reviews first and I’m not keen on starting it


From: friedchickn


Been a crazy busy day...just getting back from lunch with the ladies and just getting on here.

Pilates this morning.  A crossfit workout.  Got eggs and delicata squash at the farm.  Did receipts, emails and week money

Still need to bills (taxes mostly), water plants, cat litter and finalize an order on etsy.

Dinner will be later cause dh  has to work


From: friedchickn


Congrats on the weight loss!!!