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Tuesday, September 12th - To Do

Started Sep-12 by scapermom; 119 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the list today?

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From: scapermom


Been up since 6ish but stayed in bed because it was too early to rise imho 

getting the morning started but need to collect laundry first, dog refuses to come down & kitchen will be the focus all week so holding off on that except the basics

its the calm after the storm here - my backyard & the street out front were flowing like rivers last night - we had a ridiculous amount of rain in a short time & it’s been raining on & off for days. Luckily the basement stayed dry, but lots of leaves & small limbs around, so will need to do some cleanup today out there. 

I’ll take the dog for an early walk since she’s missed it several days now

Zone mission 1 is to clean the bathroom trash can & the other is to spend 5 minutes gathering things to donate or give away

Havent done dog bowls in a while so them too

I’ll spend some time on the elliptical while listening to a trashy audiobook I found on YouTube. Good stretch before & after really helps

Taking the dog for her follow up blood tests later - they kept pushing her appointment back on us so hoping we don’t have to wait too long

Have to get back to taking my vitamins, keep forgetting 

once I get the butcher box delivery today I can menu plan

need to start looking for another PCP mine is upping her yearly fee that’s not covered by my insurance. She’s good & I like her, but not 2grand worthy 

should probably cut the rest of the Swiss chard I’ve got growing 

before bed routine is the habit this month 

I took out the last pack of ground beef so I’ll make something with that for tonight’s dinner

started reading From Blood & Ash last night - another one that’s being pushed on social media. So far it’s meh… i think I’m done with fantasy


From: friedchickn


Slept gloriously in....and feel soooo much better.

Dh has calls all day long and into late evening.  So I'll just be occasionally bringing him food and snacks.  There's still a ton of leftovers....sooo...i dunno.  I'll have to get creative i guess.

Piano lesson this afternoon.  Should get new pieces which I am desperate for.

A solo workout....maybe I'll do a pliability after that. Keep my step streak going!

Then it's just a bunch of small stuff....couple check statements, need to figure out a prepaid visa (I hate those things), feed my sourdough....