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Wednesday, September 13th - To Do

Started Sep-13 by scapermom; 122 views.
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From: scapermom


Friggin raining again! Supposed to last til 10 and then just be cloudy rest of day. Not sure how much more my backyard can take - starting to resemble a swamp back there

morning routine started - dog was out & I’ll give her food in a bit, laundry’s started, kitchen tbd - unload dishwasher etc.

zone missions are to clean out medicine cabinet and put away what has a home in the stash & dash room


It’s wednesday so bills & all that goes with that

not sure I’ll get a dog walk in

Walk at home video for exercise I think

make grocery list 

prep for DD coming home tomorrow for a few days

Just me for dinner tonight so I’ll do leftover taco salad from last night 

Blood & Ash is i guess a little better, but not much - doing a lot of skimming which is never a good sign 


From: friedchickn


Raining again here too...just enough that I can't leave the doors open for long and then teh sun pops out and I open them...all I do is open and close ####.  Sigh

Still going for my hike with my friend.  #### it.

Then I have a haircut....just a trim.  It needs it.

Breakfast cleanup is done.  Lunch will be leftovers. meatloaves with mashed and glazed carrots (both pulled from the freezer).  It doesn't even look like I've made a dent in the damn freezers...we've been spending som much time eating weekend leftovers that are in the fridge....

piano practice

Then I need to decide if I'm working out.  Might take today "off"...and just do the hike and a pliability....we'll see.