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Thursday, September 14th - To Do

Started Sep-14 by scapermom; 121 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Morning underway - dog’s been out & fed, laundry’s going, kitchen started

zone missions are the bathroom sink & to throw away or recycle things in the stash & dash room

today’s workout is a full body mobility stretch - sounds good

Some bills & filing leftover from yesterday 

it’s errand day and have a small grocery list 

may bake some cookies for DDs quick visit this weekend

Should get some bone broth brewing

Nice long dog walk - its sunny today at least and a bit cooler tho humidity still up there

Should check out the garden & maybe pull some weeds

took shrimp out for dinner 

Can I finish the book today in my down time before DD arrives back tonight? These fantasy novels are just too long - also found out it’s got at least 6 more books in the series and I’m sure it ends on a cliff hanger… already put holds on the rest of the books 


From: friedchickn


Here we are at Thursday again....feels liek a weird week since we won't be going to the boat and we won't be traveling either.  what?!?!  A weekend at home????

Made more biscuits to go with teh leftover sausage gravy....of course I used some old bisquick and they didn't rise so they were like wall paper paste.  Sigh....wrote on teh box to add more baking powder next time....cause I feel liek this is the second time that;s happened to me,

Lunch will be leftovers.  Dinner....well we agreed to stay in.  So I'll have to figure something out.

Need to do the midlevel bathroom floor.  the stairs.  and empty the shredder.

piano practice

long dog walk

and schedule a piano tuning

already did pilates and went and got a folding table for the food pantry (they asked and I ordered for pickup from the walmart 45 min away)....just waiting to here back about dropping it off ...


From: friedchickn


Well...packing for the boat isn't on the list....sigh....

Been a busy morning.  Cleaning lady, dropped off the tables for the food pantry and just finished the workout.  Damn workout was alllllll running, so at least I'm almost to my step goal for today.

I'll start a load of laundry when dh gets out of the shower and distribute his paychecks to the powers that be....

Cat litter and piano practice...

Lunch will be leftovers.  I had leftovers for breakfast and dh made himself a scramble.  

We got tickets (last minute) to a fundraiser for a bike park near that's tonight's festivities.