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Thursday, September 21st - To Do

Started Sep-21 by scapermom; 161 views.

From: scapermom


What’s up today?


From: friedchickn


Pilates class got canceled late last night and I'm still waiting on confirmation of a reservation for a dinner on Monday...why does everyone do everything at the very last possible moment....sigh.

Oh well....made some sourdough biscuits this morning.  Used the crappy bleached flour for the additional flour cause I need to use it up and I can't use it for much of anything.  This pantry/freezer cleanout takes some real pre-plannning and thought and I'm barely get a

I have a book selection meeting at 11....and then a couple of us are gonna get a coffee afterwards.

I'll have to cue up a long pliability workout and take the dog for a long walk to meet my fitness goals.  Sigh....hate changes to my plan

piano practice

and some other odds and ends. 

Dinner....i dunno...

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From: scapermom


Morning creeping along - dog, laundry started, next is kitchen & unload dishwasher


zone is to spruce up the bed 

some time on the elliptical 

Something is wrong with our upstairs A/C - the fan isn’t going off. DH solved it by shutting the emergency switch last night at midnight when he got home, but not really a solution - so that needs to be dealt with 

Today is errand day - so I’ll go get groceries 

Leftovers from yesterday are filing and one bill issue

dog walk

I took shrimp out for tonight’s dinner - thinking stir fry 

almost done with book 2 of blood & ash & 3 came available - so onward with that. The use of modern words & language in it are really ticking me off to the point that I’m highlighting them for the next person (if it actually stays once you return the book) I’m sorry, but they ride horses and have no running water so they’re not saying ‘you guys’ , ‘weirded out’ and so many more. Takes me right out of the ‘fantasy’ genre