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Monday, September 25th - To Do

Started Sep-25 by scapermom; 119 views.

From: scapermom


Time for listing?

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From: scapermom


Rain Rain go away… so done with it

Getting my monday rolling with Weekly home blessing and regular morning routines 

Dog’s had her pill & been out and towel dried - poor thing hasn’t had her walkies in days and today doesn’t look promising 

stripped bed, towels & table linens. Sheets are in the wash, surfaces sanitized and fresh towels/linens are in place 

remembered to weigh & I’m down just a few ounces - but at least it’s down right?

new week, new zone - the living/family room. Zone mission is to clean/declutter flat surfaces in there

Rest of the WHB at 11 with flylady

I’ll spend some time on the elliptical 

Meal prep for the week - overnight oats, boil eggs & cassava wraps. Maybe some bone broth if I have the energy

owe my sister a call

Get in some reading 

just me for dinner so leftovers will do


From: friedchickn


Monday again. just keeps happeneing.

Pilates, overnight oats, bills, receipts and emails are done.  Also stopped at the little grocery to grab something to take to ladies lunch today.  We're headed to someone's usually everyone brings something.  Had I known...I would have been better prepared.  Sigh.  It's fine...also grabbed stuff for dh to make lunch cause we came home with ZERO leftovers...bizarre I know.

Weight is up post salty boozy's fine, it's not real.  (or so I tell myself)

Need to do week money, pull the sourdough starter out, cat litter.

piano practice and make my step goal (I'm on a roll).  There's laundry in the dryer and a few things that need steaming....but I dunno if it'll happen.

Tonight we are headed to a private dinner....fancy!!!!