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Tuesday, September 26th -To Do

Started Sep-26 by scapermom; 124 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list today?

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From: scapermom


Only 9:30 and already I’ve run off the rails with my day -wasting time with YouTube…

still freaking raining! Took out steaks yesterday to make for dinner on the bbq tonight but I guess that’s not happening…tho according to weather app it should stop by 4

So many mushrooms in the yard around the house too - that will be a job for when it actually stops raining and isn’t a soggy mess out there

have managed to get laundry started, and dog’s had her pill & been out. Kitchen is next

have to remember to turn on DDs radio show at 10

planner needs updating - it’s Plan & play day so I’ll also firm up a meal plan for the remainder of the week

never got to make the tortillas yesterday so I’ll do that today.        

Zone mission is to go sofa/chair diving! For me that means vacuuming in between cushions because it’s mostly dog hair in there 

need to check email to see if the vet ever sent me the coupons to get a discount on the dogs new meds and set up an auto ship for it

Think I’ll do a walk at home video - need something uplifting

dog walk later after the rain stops hopefully

steaks for dinner again hopefully - if not there’s more leftover chicken to make something out of

more reading of Crown of Gilded Bones or whatever - the plot is really thin 


From: friedchickn


I'm exhausted....last night's dinner was amazing, got back late and realized I was gonna miss my step yeah, threw on my sneakers and went for a short walk...then was too awake to sleep so ended up watching tv for a few hours.

Just got back from picking up my goat stuff and swinging by another farm for eggs.  I need to pop back out at some point to grab a walgreens order and mail a few bills.

Lunch...sandwiches...and carrot sticks if I can motivate myself to peel some damn carrots.  Dinner...something quick...cause dh has trail work tonight.

I've got a late afternoon piano lesson

And I need to work out...

Also need to finish my now overdue book for book club.  Sigh...I just have 25 pages left.  I'll definitely finish it today....I swear