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Thursday, September 19th - To Do

Started 9/19/19 by scapermom; 88 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Got DD up, fed, packed & out. DH is driving her to give her a bus break. Laundry’s started, next is kitchen cleanup and my 4 minute workout.

Plan today is to make or take DH to go get something to wear to the wedding we have THIS weekend. I hope he can get something off the rack. We shall see! 

Then when DD gets home from school need to take her shoe shopping. 

Have to finish filing papers from yesterday and do my health assessment for doctor’s visit next week.

Defrosting chicken thighs for dinner. 


From: friedchickn


Finish packing!!!

That’s priority numero uno. Lol. 

One last piano practice. One last yoga class. 

Drop the dog at boarding. He’s all packed to go. 

Clear out the fridge and freeze whatever is left in there. With Dh traveling so much, my leftover bits and treasures bin is getting pretty empty. Gonna pack stuff in single serve/use sizes since it’s just me Dd. 

Speaking of Dd. She’s feeling slightly better. Managed to leave her laptop in O chem lab last night and had to call public safety to unlock the door so she could retrieve it. I refrained from saying “you need to slow down.  Go slow to go fast”. She didnt need to hear that late last night. (I may slip it in

dh unpacked our fire pit and dragged it out to the patio. I bought wood from a roadside stand yesterday so I’m pretty excited to try it out tonight. And apparently, I was supposed to buy a cover for it. Sigh. Whoops. When I get back. 

The list for when I get back is soooo annoying. And long. It’s not like I can start any of it. Grrrr. 

It’s not clear if I’ll have internet....but if I do I’ll pop in. 


From: scapermom


Have a fabulous time! Yes, do pop in if you can - would love pictures or at least descriptions! How long are you going for?  

I may not post on the daily here and torture the 40s group with my day to day (too much detail) posts. 

Glad DDs feeling better. Yeah, they need to learn to take it easy. They have so much pressure on them and put more on themselves. DDs doc was telling her to do yoga or Pilates to help relax - DDs side answer to me after was - “what am I a mom? Where’s my minivan to take to Pilates class?” Lol!  These kids!