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Saturday, September 28th - To Do

Started 9/28/19 by scapermom; 64 views.
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From: scapermom


Laundry’s in, dog’s been delt with.

My sister called, so I caught up with her & made plans to go visit our aunt in Brooklyn that we haven’t seen in a year on monday. 

Tried cancelling our hotel reservations for NYCC next week and couldn’t. Apparently need to contact a middleman company that booked the rooms. Of course they’re not open til monday. I left a message & emailed them anyway. We are still going to the con, but not every day, so I don’t need an expensive room, we can commute.

DD & DH have both been texting updates from their travels. 

Going to do a workout in a bit, then some house chores.

Need to prep something for dinner just in case they’re hungry when they get back tonight, though I’m guessing they’ll want to stop on the road at some point.