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Friday, October 4th - To Do

Started 10/4/19 by scapermom; 110 views.
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From: scapermom


Survived yesterday at the Con, but feel totally beat up. It takes so much out of you. Walking, people, standing in line, trying to make it to the panel, photo op, autograph, walking, more people...ugh! Today’s our day off since DD has 2 tests and there really wasn’t much we wanted to do anyway. We’re planning on heading back tomorrow. 

Dog is hunting something in the yard. If she gets bit I’m not taking her to the vet, let her nose fall off! 

Today’s plan is laundry, at least 2 loads. Also need to do some meal prep, but don’t even know what I have here to make. Have to see what’s in the fridge & freezer, and maybe make a costco run. 

Should check f the $ for the 2 tickets I sold hit paypal yet. 

CSA bag got delivered yesterday so need to unpack, clean & store. Some packages arrived yesterday also along with the mail. DH just stacked everything up for me in the dining room...uh, thanks? 

Also have a ton of emails. Unbelievable how much goes on in one day!


From: friedchickn


I had a very productive day yesterday while you were off having fun. Lol. 

Back at it again today...piano and gym. I’m so freakin sore and I can’t tell if yoga made it better or worse. Lol. 

Started planning the month out. When the dog needs boarding, cat sitters or just walked. With Dh on the road most of this coming month...I’m on my own. 

Still watching What If’s not good. Don’t get sucked in. Finished my second book!!!!  Yup. I can read again. It’s awesome. Downloaded a new book to my kindle last night. 

My new nail polish arrived before vacay and my toes are looking sad so I might do that after I workout. 

Landscapers are still making mud piles in the yard. Sigh. It’s getting there. Can’t wait til spring to plant some stuff. No point now...we’ve had several hard frosts. 

Need to put a button on a pair of dh’s pants and then steam em. 

and well. That’s about it


From: scapermom


The weather was really crappy - misty rain and much cooler. Low 60s compared to the 90s we had the day before was really noticeable especially with the rain. We walked from Penn Station to the Javits in it, then they made us stand outside on line in it. Silly me thinking they’d let us in early like in previous years. We walked back to the train station in more misty rain, but it was warmer out at least. Feeling it in my legs & lower back.

Yesterday was about DD and what she wanted to do. We saw a Doctor Who panel first with the 9th doctor Christopher Eccleson which was enjoyable, then stoped for an early lunch (which turned out to be a good move because we passed by the food court later and it was insane). After we went over to see these 2 actors that voiced characters in a video game that she likes/follows or whatever. She then took a picture with them. We walked the merch floor and artist alley but didn’t buy or commission anything. The one artist she liked had a huge line we didnt’ feel like waiting on. We also saw a panel for the new broadway play about Percy Jackson with the cast that she wants to see. 

Saturday will be my day. There’s an Angel reunion panel in the morning and Outlander and Walking Dead in the evening.