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Monday, October 7th - To Do

Started 10/7/19 by scapermom; 93 views.

From: scapermom


Here’s the spot for the lists

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From: scapermom


I’ve started this before and lost it... so all over the place today. 

So far, I’ve driven DD the half hour to school, and back home. Dog’s been fed & out. Sort of cleaned up the kitchen and one of the bathrooms (DDs) and started on changing linens. 2nd load is in the dryer.  Did my 1st of 3 4 min workouts. Had several text conversations. Made a batch of soup. Looked up & printed out the college Open House agenda for Saturday. Am I done? Nope!

Need to get my shopping list together and then head out for some groceries. When I get back, I’ll finish the ‘weekly home blessing’ and get in another 4 min workout or 2. 

Also need to make a call and look at some benefit papers with DH when he gets home.


From: friedchickn


Monday. Rainy and cold and just ugly Monday. 

Made egg salad and deviled eggs for lunches. Asked Dh which he wanted and he said both. So. Ok. Roasted a spaghetti squash. And I’m defrosting beef and turkey for mini meatloaves for dinner. 

already did today’s awful workout. Started laundry and the dishwasher. 

and finally called the builder about 2 new projects I need estimates for at the ILs. Sounds like he won’t be able to start them til spring....but I’d still like to get on the books. 

will eventually finish the laundry and dishes and turn that raw meat into dinner. Practice piano. A round of bills/receipts.

And cat litter.  Now that the weather is colder, I don’t have to go to the dump twice a week unless I have stuff.  Which cause Dh was gone, I didn’t.  But the cat litter still needs doing  

Might even vacuum upstairs.