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Thursday, October 10th - To Do

Started 10/10/19 by scapermom; 110 views.

From: scapermom


What’s todays plan?

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From: scapermom


I’ve got the usual this morning - laundry, kitchen cleanup, unload dishwasher, general declutter. Also want to wipe down the appliances today.

DH & I need to review the new benefits plan. Also need to make some calls and finish filing from yesterday. Going to try gently reminding DH of his huge and ever growing house list. Our patio door needs to be replaced and the kitchen needs finishing before Thanksgiving. 

Going to try making a nomato sauce with sausage meat - over zoodles for me and real pasta for the fam.


From: friedchickn


Yoga is I’ve got nothing pending. 

So....gonna pop the ice cream maker base in the freezer, like I’ve meant to for days. So I can make homemade vanilla with cajeta swirls. 

And I might take my diploma (of long lost) and the beautiful print I bought from a local artist to a framer a couple towns over. 

A little laundry. Maybe a quick vacuum. And that’s about it. 


From: scapermom


Yum on the home made ice cream! 

You reminded me I need to go get a shadow box or something for DD to put her autographed album from last night.