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Thursday, October 17th - To Do

Started 10/17/19 by scapermom; 101 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


DH drove DD to school so she could have coffee & calculus review before a test. I’ve got laundry going, and cleaned up the kitchen. Dog’s been fed & out. 

Next is unloading dishwasher, taking fish out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner and making a smoothie for my breakfast. Then I’ll get cleaned up & head over to a dermatology appointment. There is always a long wait there, but I think I have a first appointment so hopefully not a long wait this time. We shall see.

When I get back home I’ve got some online tasks to do - review benefits, research new phone plan and check/change an auto ship order.

baked cod for dinner.


From: friedchickn


It's still pouring outside....and there's barely any leaves left on the pretty freakin ugly.

Still working on dd's list of stuff she needs/forgot.  Sent dh into the attic for a few and I have to pop over to the barn to find another.  Works well...cause I finally may have sold my FIL's snow tires for a car he no longer owns.  Sigh.

Did a few online bills.  Dh finally fixed a few accounts he's I need to update all that.  (bonus of being up at 4 am for a call, i guess)

Need to pack myself and the dog.  He gets dropped off on my way to yoga tonight.

Dinner is take-out while we watch the Crossfit games announcement at 8.  Dh has calls right up until I may be eating alone.  Again.  I need a new book or a new project....

Nailed one contractor down on price...not timing...cause noone can commit to a damn time around here.  Still chasing 2 other projects.  Happy that I could already set the cash aside for the one it's paid for assuming they ever do it.  Sigh.  I may be eating dinner alone every night but at least I can pay for projects on a house I don't live in....right?