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Friday, October 18th - To Do

Started 10/18/19 by scapermom; 71 views.
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From: scapermom


Usual morning, DH is driving DD to her school. Either he or I will need to go pick her up at the end of the day since she has a guidance meeting after school to flush out her college application stuff. I hope this lady gets her act together she seems like a total ditz and dd says she’s never in her office during the day.  It’s not like she’s so busy either since DDs school has 400 kids tops and 2 guidance counselors. Imagine if she worked in a real high school with thousands of kids? She’d implode! Scary!

Got a lot done yesterday from the list, but still need to review benefits with DH and check out new phone plans.

I’ve got the usual - 4 min workouts and flights, dog walk, laundry. Downstairs needs some vacuuming. 

No dinner plan, so we’ll go or take out.  Tomorrow we’ve got another college open house in the city. Need to figure out if we are driving or taking the train and basically sort out the day.

Need to lock down a girls day or night out with a couple of friends. Mommy needs drinks and socialization.