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Sunday, October 20th - To Do

Started 10/20/19 by scapermom; 77 views.

From: scapermom


What’s doing this weekend?

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Yesterday was up and out all day, day. Went for our third visit to Fordham’s open house. Well DD ended up being really disappointed. It was originally her top choice, but she met with the head of the department who apparently didn’t sell it well or at all according to DD. The school itself came off boring as well to DD. It’s not coming off her list (which is dwindling more as the deadlines get closer). But she’s basically rethinking everything once again. They keep pushing to find your right fit, and she’s not finding it. Lots of tears and consolation. Sigh! It was so much better back when we went to school - for me it was sight unseen, fill out forms, get accepted or not, pick one and go. 

Today I’ll be doing what I didn’t get done yesterday and prepping for the week ahead. This includes laundry and various spots to declutter. Go through emails and sale papers. Check calendars for appointments and such. Make a meal plan and shopping list. Maybe vacuum. Also want to try to get a dog walk in before the rain starts. I’ll also be pushing DD to get those essays and applications done and we need to do the FAFSA and CSS. I think I’m being over zealous here, there’s no way it’s all getting done today. But her early action deadlines are looming. 

Going to see if the other whole chicken I have fits in the instant pot. If it does I’ll cook it in there. If not it will have to be the usual oven way.