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Monday, October 28th - To Do

Started 10/28/19 by scapermom; 99 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


It’s Monday, so I’ll be plugging through the House Blessing list - change linens, empty trash, purge newspapers/catalogs, shine mirrors & doors, dust, vacuum, damp mop. 

Also need some basic groceries - bread, milk, eggs and such so will head out for those at some point.

I have to call my dentist to see what’s up with getting the new mouth guard - they said they’d call me but I’ve heard nada in 2 weeks...

Also want to work on & possibly finish the 2nd financial aide form for DD. It’s an invasive beast!

I should also call to make DD & my eye appointments. Since it’s almost month end, will check my To Do list for the month to see if I’ve accomplished anything on there.

Have 2 little steaks defrosting to grill for dinner. DH is working a double and won’t be home.

Need to catch up on some DVRd shows tonight!


From: friedchickn


I’ve packed a small amount of food...I hate trying to find something when all I want is a bite or two. Packed some “go bag” is pretty set anyways. Just finished a hearty breakfast and once this coffee is down the hatch I’ll leave.

3 hours down. Take grumpy goat to the doctor. Then the rest of the day is free.

packed some workout clothes. And my 2 on elder care and the one for the book club (trying to get a chapter or so done every couple days). I’m not gonna even try to do my online courses....don’t feel like riding that struggle bus. Got a couple of podcasts and a movie on Netflix.

i’d wanted to get some Christmas shopping done....but I have no ideas for anyone. So....that probably won’t happen. I am hoping to stop by this restaurant supply place to get a new sauté pan...mine needs to die.

tonight I have dinner plans with a friend. So that should fill up some time.