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Tuesday, October 29th - Late start To Do

Started 10/29/19 by scapermom; 130 views.

From: scapermom


List if you got


From: friedchickn


Yesterday went about as well as I expected.

I swear Grumpy Goat’s doctor is incompetent. He talks way to fast and never even glances over to see if Goat is following. He removed no clothing and did only a cursory exam...listen to lungs and heart. He never even saw him walk....which quite honestly is like watching jello fall down a hill. 10 minutes tops. That’s modern medicine for ya. And so....Goat, armed with the delusion that he’s fine, continues to resist ANY change in his situation. So be it. 

Im currently camped in my hotel room. Reading the elder care book, Being Mortal...which is really good and sipping coffee.

My plan is to check out in a bit and do a little shopping for the elders for Xmas. I have zero clue. So this should be futile.

Gonna stop for lunch, read more of my book and then head over to my piano lesson.

Then it’s the long drive home. I downloaded a horror series to listen to on the way home. Who knows, seemed seasonally appropriate. Lol

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From: scapermom


Been up for hours.

Got DD up & out. That egg casserole I made on the weekend is coming in handy for a quick heat & eat. Even gave some to DH. It’s got veggies and ham in there. DH stayed home from work today - using up his ‘use it or lose it’ days. So he drove DD in. That extra half hour really helps, especially on these crazy Spirit days. Today’s costume was Wild West, or just Wild. She went for animal prints.

I’ve already roasted an acorn squash, emptied the dishwasher and laundry’s in the dryer.

I didn’t get to my calls or finish vacuuming yesterday, so I’ll do that today. Forget the mopping. It’s supposed to rain til the weekend on & off here. The yard is a wet leafy mess.

Need to hold DDs hand while she submits her applications later. Also provide the credit card for those she’s paying for. Oh & the site was down yesterday so she couldn’t send SAT scores.  So hopefully thats up & working today.

I need to get back to the CSS at some point. I think I need DH to hold my hand through it. Though he just gets annoyed with the invasive ness of the questions... so I’m probably better off plugging through it on my own.

Want to make some ACV gummies. 

Took out chicken breast for dinner. Will maybe stir fry that with the mustard greens from last weeks CSA bag before they go bad. 


From: scapermom


Really it’s crazy - I see it with my inlaws. The doctors just push them through. I have been known to take a notebook with me when I visit mine. I pay extra for her time though. I’m not sure if either is really the answer. Nothing like the old days. My mom’s doctor was also her psychologist in a way - he really listened to her and offered lots of advice. Now they don’t listen and rattle off a prescription to solve everything (and it rarely does, and most likely causes more problems) or send you to a specialist.

 I know what you mean about gifts for the older crew. What can we really get them? My inlaws tend to return everything anyway. Now we just give them $ to go to Atlantic City with. Can’t even pay for a night at one of the hotels or dinner cos they get everything ‘comped’ there. Maybe limo/car service or something to & from wouldn’t be a bad idea since my FIL has issues driving lately?


From: friedchickn


I’d like to get my ILs “movie tickets”...our little local theater you can be a “founder” or some such get a free ticket and popcorn to every movie they show for a year. And they both love to go to the movies....except this year they won’t be here much. Sigh. Guess I save that for next year?

One old aunt only wants gift cards to this crap restaurant that she and her cronies go to. Which is fine except I have to do it in person...they don’t do online or over the phone even. Which will now be a huge undertaking given our location.

Ive bought my FIL all the Patriots gear a man can wear....and I think I’ve bought every vests he owns, she likes vests.

cant we just agree to nothing?!?!  Nope