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Friday, November 1st - To Do

Started 11/1/19 by scapermom; 100 views.

From: scapermom


New month, new list?

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From: scapermom


Okay, one of those days where I’ve started a bunch of things and never got anywhere.

Kohls is having a one day pre-black friday sale. Went on early and started a cart with gift items, then went back to it later on but it keep crapping out when I try to actually see the cart and perhaps buy the things... May need to just go & brave any crowds/lines today.

My inlaws called late last night (we were all asleep at 11) and left a cryptic message. Then MIL called this morning at 6:30. Seems a tree fell in front of their house. No damage except the tree at least. DH went there after driving DD to school to assess. He just bought himself a chainsaw. Assuming he’ll go there later today again to chop it up for them.

Got dog walk in and laundry done. Just got interrupted again. Also gave dog her meds and just fed her. Took out my holiday planner and started perusing it. Need to make a gift list and a thanksgiving invite list. Start the menu planning.

DD has a party tomorrow night, so will need to pick up a gift card for the birthday girl at some point. 

Maybe a Costco run. I only have steak & burgers left in the freezer and don’t really want that. 

Need to make a follow up call after 11.

Should probably update my bullet journal/planner for November 

Dinner will be what I pick up in Costco.


From: friedchickn


It's soooooo windy.  We've already lost one giant pine tree across the driveway.  I think we can get the car out...but I haven't tried yet. And of course....both chainsaws are at the ILs place.  Makes sense.  Well...I'll have to go check on their place I guess there's that.

Today's workout was a beast.  I'll be feeling that later on for sure.

Dh and I are heading out at 2....he's getting his tattoo finished.  Figure we'll come back here for dinner afterwards.