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Monday, November 4th - To Do

Started 11/4/19 by scapermom; 119 views.
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From: scapermom


Brrr! Straight to winter here - 30 degrees. DD texted there was frost on the grass at the bus stop.

Slept like crap - dog was having a puke fest. First at 2:30 then again at 4:30. DH took the first clean up duty (which was worse), I was on the second. But now I also have to do several loads of laundry to clean her blanket and the duvet, as well as the regular Monday linen load and I see I’m out of dish towels. I’ve got load one going now. 

Dog is resting now. She seems ok. I think I just fed her too late? We went to my sisters yesterday for dinner and got home around 9pm. 

I’ve got a committee meeting later this morning, so going to have to rearrange my usual monday schedule. Why did I agree to this? I swear if I’m the only one that shows up I’ll scream. 

 I’ll do a 4 minute workout then kitchen cleanup. Trying to intermittent fast, so will make my smoothie to go later and bring it with me. Have to leave here about 9:20 since it will take around a half hour or so to get there. Also want to change bags so I can carry all my papers with me. It’s at a Whole Foods so I’ll do my grocery shopping after the meeting there I guess. Better get my list together.

Later I’ll continue with the monday house blessing and laundry and also have to remember to call the eye doctor’s office to give them the info they need.

I’ve got more chicken thighs for dinner tonight. 


From: friedchickn


Oh late night puking is the worst.

I'm up early...guess the time change has me messed up. It’s fine. I don’t feel weird about being up, I’m just up. (Need to fix the small clock next to our 

Contractor coming later to give us a quote for a split AC.  And I need to call the electrician about the patch panel.....again....

Ive got my own laundry pile to deal with. But I’m holding off on linens til Dh is done putting ointment on his tattoo. That stuff stinks. No point in doing linens twice. Sorry.

piano practice, a workout and I need to get more of my elder care book done. It’s due Wednesday. How????  That was a quick 2 weeks. Lol

Need to hit the grocery for dinner and breakfast stuff and the PO cause it’s been a few days...which usually leads to paying a few bills.

And I need to find a coat drive...Dh cleaned out his closet and he has a wicked coat fetish. 


From: scapermom


The township here usually has a coat drive at this time of year. I’ve got a few that need to be unloaded. Have to check dates and put it on my calendar if I didn’t miss it already. Thanks for the reminder !