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Friday, November 8th - To Do

Started 11/8/19 by scapermom; 93 views.
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From: scapermom


Have a usual morning, load of laundry, tend to the dog, empty dish washer.

Never made it to the bank (took dd to the mall instead) so I’ll go today. Also need to do DHs training modules.

Want to finish the Thanksgiving invites, only got a couple in yesterday. Maybe I’ll just text the remainder, since the phone calls drag on too much? I’ll also work on firming up the menu. My MIL says she’s getting a free turkey. I may order a fresh one as well since I need the 2 to feed everyone anyway. I don’t think the ham is necessary this year. But I don’t remember if it got eaten last year or not, and didn’t make notes about it unfortunately. I know we had way to much dessert.

Made good progress in decluttering, need to do more though.

Maybe I’ll try making an Eggroll in a bowl soup tonight. I’ve got a big head of cabbage to finish and some ground beef. Unless DH wants to go out, but he’ll most likely be too tired from having to go in to work all 5 days this week. He was pretty shot last night.


From: friedchickn


Random tasks abound!!!!

I’d also like to get a FEMA training in. Hoping it’s not another 4 hr boredom. Come on!!!!

Today’s workout looks absolutely awful. Sigh

Making good progress on my piano pieces and I ordered a few Xmas presents yesterday. And tickets to a comedy show!

Dinner out. Dh wants to head over to our favorite little brew pub. Their food is sooooo good. How can I say no?