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Monday, November 11th - To Do

Started 11/11/19 by scapermom; 97 views.

From: scapermom


List em if ya got em

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From: scapermom


Becoming a monday routine to drive DD to school. This will stop next week when I have to pick her up 4 days a week at 10:30 and take her over to her internship then pick her up at 2;30 from it. Crossing fingers that she gets her license at the end of December and then drives herself for the last month. 

So back home now. Having another cup of coffee just to warm me up. Stripped beds, changed out all towels, started laundry. The rest of the house blessing tbd. 

Also want to water house plants and do a workout. Then head to bank & grocery store. 

Have some work to do for the committee I stupidly volunteered for again. At least I have helpers - same ladies as last year who were great. But they want assignments from me. Tomorrow I’m meeting with the lady who will hopefully take it on next year. How do I not scare her away? 

Mishmash for dinner tonight. I defrosted salmon and beef liver yesterday. So choice of both it will be! Kale chips if the kale isn’t too far gone yet. Also want to make some homemade sausage patties. For grab & go breakfasts.


From: friedchickn


What a looonnngggg day. Finally sitting down to chill and watch some tv.

dh left at 3. So it’s just me and the animals til Friday.

Took the dog for an extra long morning walk. Cleaned the house top to bottom and did all the laundry. Did the bills and receipts.

Had a good workout and practiced piano.

Called more contractors...cause I’m hitting a brick wall.

Snow staked the property juuusssttttt before it started snowing. Yikes.

Did a little Xmas shopping

and like 100 little things that needed doing.

I really feel like I’m in a great place!!!  Let’s see how long I can stay there. Lok