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Wednesday, November 13th - To Do

Started 11/13/19 by scapermom; 125 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Frigid out today!

Got DD up & out. Bus decided to stop in a new place and make the 2 girls walk down the block in the frigid temps. I think she must have completely missed one of the stops to come the way she did too. This woman is out of control.

Dogs been delt with - only one loving these temps. Laundry is going.

It’s Wednesday, so I’ll do bills, file and really want to go over the budget/expense sheet to see where we can cut corners. I know I spend way too much on food. There are many house fixes needed and college is also onthe horizon. Also is it worth it to stay here in the land of taxes and corruption? Both of our families are here so it makes it hard to move away.

Speaking of food...I should order one of the turkeys for Thanksgiving. Whole Foods has some sort of deal for Prime members. The other will be courtesy of my MILs shoprite shopping. My sister said she’s got a spiral ham. I just hope she’s cooking it since the crockpot’s kaput.

Should call the dentist when they open to check if my mouth guard is ready. If so I’ll keep the appointment later in the afternoon. 

Mini Turkey meatloaves for dinner. Oh and no more veggie boxes. This weather has put the kibosh on the growing season as well. Gonna have to remember to buy them at the store again.


From: friedchickn


It’s ridiculously cold out. And I did a #### job on the stairs and it shows. Hoping the sun comes out to do me some favors.

Face doesn’t look too bad. Might take up to 48 hrs to look I guess I’m still not over the hump. Can’t workout for another day or so. Might just row or bike or something...just burn some calories gently.

So...gonna make some lists. Gonna work on Thanksgiving prep and Xmas shopping. And just...get some stuff done.

I'll practice piano.

and tonight I might be going out with a friend. Might not too. We’ll see. She’s suppose to let me know


From: friedchickn


When things were tight, I took a lesson from MichiganMom. Remember her?  She’d cut out all waste and try to use things just a little bit more. Figured it saved her 5-10%.

I still do it now...for different reasons. I’m just trying to cut back on waste IN GENERAL.

Dh gives up on a tube of toothpaste and yet I can squeeze another week or more out of it. (With a struggle). Same with shampoo and conditioner.

It all adds up.

Damn I miss her tips. Wish there was still somewhere like that