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Thursday, November 14th - To Do

Started Nov-14 by scapermom; 97 views.
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From: scapermom


Usual morning. Got DD up & out. Laundry’s going. It somehow piled up, so I will do at least a 2nd load today.

Focus is going to be on prepping for Thanksgiving, it’s quickly approaching. At the very least I’ll narrow down my menu and make a shopping list as well as a house keeping list. Still don’t have all my guests sorted. But it’s at least 20, could go to 25. Either way I need to make sure I have enough dinnerware and accessories. I’ll haul the big thanksgiving box up from the basement and go through it.

Also want to spend some time on the solicitations for the school fundraiser. Yesterday it took a bit of my time getting one of the volunteers up & running.

I have a huge and growing stack of catalogs to go through. I’ll do a few each day & hope they help me come up with some gift ideas. 

The instant pot as crock pot worked yesterday & the chicken soup I made came out delicious. I actually ran it as an instant pot first, then let the pressure out and continued it as a slow cooker for a few hours more while I ran errands. I added lemon to it on the slow cook cycle and it gave it a great flavor. 

Tonight it will be the mini turkey meat loaves or leftover chicken since there was a bunch.


From: friedchickn


Still can’t workout. Starting to feel very slothy. Sigh.

Got my meal plan and list for thxgiving finalized yesterday. A few slight changes, they’re so damn resistant to change. Sigh. I’m gonna go hit the big store a few towns over to see if I can nab a big bird.

Got invited over for dinner and drinks with a few friends tonight, so I’m gonna make a cookie recipe I’ve been dying to try.

Mudroom needs a desperate clean. I’ll do that.

Ordered the lion’s share of dh’s Xmas list yesterday. Need a list of my own and I’m at a complete loss. So I’m gonna poke around today and figure out some things. I just can’t think of anything. Arrgghhh

And I should probably do another FEMA course. Although I might save that for tomorrow and just read more of my book club book. Not interested in either right now. Lol