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Monday, November 18th - To Do

Started Nov-18 by scapermom; 93 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


Monday, Monday.... - is next week thanksgiving already?

Found out over the weekend we will be down 4 and that should be a load off, but now I need to recalc how much turkey I need. I think I’ll buy an extra small one to have for another time since prices are good now. The question is do I have room in the freezer?

So today’s plan is a good House Blessing - want to pay special attention to downstairs. Maybe wash some of the throw rugs? But is it too early for that?

Don’t know if I’ll fit a dog walk in with the rain happening. Will get in a workout this morning.

Also want to do a quick grocery run. It’s pretty crappy out. But need some basics that I forgot last week.

Hamburger stew for dinner. Will try the instant pot as a crock pot again. 


From: friedchickn


Supposed to start snowing and maybe turn to a wet nasty mix. I’ve got nowhere that I have to go it’ll just be yucky dealing with the dog.

picked up dinner fixings are the farmer's market...fresh chorizo and an acorn squash. Stuffed squash for dinner!!!

A little laundry, a bill or 2, some vacuuming cause all my animals shed a lot.

A much needed workout. Much needed!!! Some piano practice and maybe some reading for the book club. It’s interesting just not well written so I’m struggling a bit.

Need to work on Xmas lists. That day is approaching too fast!!!