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Thursday, November 21st - To Do

Started Nov-21 by scapermom; 96 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on your list today?

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From: scapermom


Usual morning - Got DD up, fed, packed & out to early bus.

Pulled together the recycling and set it at the curb. Laundry’s started.

Forgot to check the committee email a couple of days and there’s been lots of activity. Need to make sure the spreadsheet reflects that. Also apparently the new chair isn’t on top of things like the old one was. I’m going to try not to care... But I already replied to someone who said they solicited stuff for baskets. I should probably fill the chair in on the need to check for that type of thing.

Have filing to finish and expense sheet input from yesterday. Also mail the bills I wrote out.

Leave here by 10:15 to pick up DD. Then back for lunch. May stop at CVS and or Petco in between.

Should spend some time on Thanksgiving plan and prep. Cancelled my turkey order since my sister in law came through on one (Costco gives their employees a free one) and my MIL also got a free one from supermarket. Going to have to pick up the one from MIL this weekend. 

Tapped out on dinner ideas. Thursday’s supposed to be fish night. I’ll see if I can pick something up on my way from getting DD later. 


From: friedchickn


Got up early (for me) cause I was supposed to have a book selection meeting at the library. But got a text from the director that she was canceling it cause there’s something seriously wrong with her dog and she’s just waiting for the vet to open. Hope the dog is ok. I’ll drop my list off later.

so....I need to vacuum the main level. And put away the linens I cleaned yesterday. I’m almost done dealing with DD’s room...might finish that off today. We'llsee.

More gift wrapping. I’d like to get it done today (for now).

Piano and a yoga class tonight.

It’s not bad out. So I might take doggo for a long walk. He’s bored.

Major success yesterday on the generator/patch panel project. I have an electrician coming next week for an estimate!!! Yeah!!!!

The next FEMA course is supposed to take 8 hrs.  So I might start it today. 8 hrs!  Wtf.

I took a single serve of chicken mole out of the fridge for dinner last night and ended up just having some cheese and crackers. So...that’s dinner tonight!