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Friday, November 22nd - To Do

Started 11/22/19 by scapermom; 125 views.

From: scapermom


List em if ya got em

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From: scapermom


DH is driving DD to school this morning. She’s got a school trip to the MET. 

I’ve got laundry going. Lots of cleanup to get to. (Ovens a big one and want to wash throw rugs).

 Also the expense sheet still needs updating.

Have to check what I still need for  thanksgiving - I think it’s only the perishables, but I’m sure there’s other stuff I’m not thinking about. The inlaws (MIL & Aunt in-law) are being suspiciously quiet...

Need to rummage around the freezer to see what I’ve got in there for some meals. 

I think DH wants to go out for dinner - I’d be down with that.


From: friedchickn


I slept like crap. Couldn’t fall asleep til almost 2. Then the cats got into it at 3. Then DD’s cat tried to commit suicide by falling off the balcony railing at 5. That required a search for the cat and cleanup. Dog barfed at 6...just to get in on the action. And then my cat decided to get into the wrapping stuff I left on the table at 7:30.. at which point I just got up (in a rage). Sighhhhhhh

dh just got home, a day early. And the AC contractor just left...he needed a few measurements in the attic 

can I please finish my coffee now?

Usual stuff today...laundry, dishes, a workout and some piano.

i need to finish wrapping a few gifts and then put the wrapping stuff away...grrr

the pine cones are finally dried  so I need to pluck those for the thanksgiving table decor  (aren’t I crafty)

Goat cheese and yogurt pickup  

and I need to drop my list of books with the library director and hit the post office and maybe the town hall  

dinner is most definitely out.  Our favorite apres ski bar reopened for the season!!!


From: scapermom


Whoa! Was it a full moon or something!?