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Monday, November 25th - To Do

Started Nov-25 by scapermom; 116 views.

From: scapermom


What do you have going today?

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From: scapermom


THe weekend just flew. Feel like I got nothing accomplished. Yesterday we went by my MILs to pick up the turkey so she fed us and DD & I  have both been sick since. We put it down to the chicken since only the 2 of us had that. Ugh! DD still went to school today but DH is driving her just in case. I made her ginger tea to take with her. Hope she doesn’t have to spend the day in the school bathroom.  I’m feeling a little more normal, but afraid to go near the bathroom or eat anything. I think I’ll be having a cup of ginger tea myself. 

Today I’ve got my home blessing to get to. DH is off so he’ll help get rid of his piles of crap in the office so we can convert that into a dining room for thanksgiving - it’s either that or we’ll have people annexed to the kitchen/breakfast nook since my dining room won’t hold more than 8 or 10 if I really squeeze them in. Though DH’s uncle went back to the hospital yesterday with complications from his kidney stone procedure, so final count is still up in the air.

Need to go shopping for perishables today. At least the turkey’s defrosting in the fridge. 

Early dinner since DH is going to take DD into the city to see a band she likes. Her friend bailed on her but she still wants to go. So DH is taking the hit for me and going with her. At least it’s an early show - should be over by 9ish.

I took out pork chops for yesterday’s dinner, so I’ll need to cook those today. I’m thinking broth & rice for DD & I.


From: friedchickn


Ohhhhhhh no. No one needs food poisoning this week. That just sucks!!!


From: friedchickn


Saturday and Sunday were a whirlwind of activity and acquisition.  Had a car full of stuff on, food, things for the house.  Still ended up ordering a few things we couldn’t find on amazon...I’m looking at you 3 1/8” hole saw!!!!

Sunday we ended up doing more shopping...and I think my in-laws are done for Xmas.  Stopped in at the movie theater and got the cutest little admit one tickets...good for one movie and a small popcorn.  A local lady is turning old pants into totally awesome reusable totes...stopped at her house and bought 7!  Haven’t decided who’s getting what.  They’re really cute and I’m totally keeping one for myself. (Especially since our town goes plastic bag free in December and the state shortly after that). Finished off the in-laws with a trip to the them some low mg gummies.

Thanks to our favorite restaurant manager/bartender who sat and drank and chatted with us for hours....and recommended getting the lemonade mixer at the dispensary....OMG. That stuff is deadly.

Dh and I started planning our next vacation...Alaska!  Need to work out the exact dates we want and whether we want to hit Seattle on the way or do a couple days on a glacier hike or something.

And seriously soooo much more got seriously.  Who were we?

So what does that leave me to do today...well. I have a giant pile on my dining room table and dozens of slips of paper for follow-up.

Receipts and bills obviously.

a workout and some piano practice.

and the holy trinity of house keeping....laundry, dishes and dinner!