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Wednesday, November 27th - To Do

Started Nov-27 by scapermom; 93 views.

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What’s on the list?

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Good morning! It’s a long one for today. Feeling really behind. 

DH is dropping DD off at school, dog’s been delt with. I’ve got some of the linens washing for the various tables I’ll set up tonight for tomorrow. 

Need to take out serving pieces and put labels in them all.  Fill up salt & pepper, vinegar & oil.

A quick vacuum (may delegate this to DD when she gets home) and clean the stove top. Haul the dishes & roaster up from the basement. Rinse dishes.

Start preparing the sides: Brussels sprouts with butter sauce, green bean casserole, green beans with bacon and mushrooms, AIP dinner rolls (made out of plantains), mashed white sweet potato, candied sweet potatoes, mashed white potatoes, roast butternut squash with bacon and cranberries  as well as cut up carrots, celery & onions for turkey broth for gravy and stuffing inside said turkey. Then all I need to do is reheat everything at dinner time, except for the various potatoes which I will cook fresh tomorrow. People are bringing other sides which also need to be heated or even cooked. Should I attempt an apple pie made with compliant flour I can eat ?

Have to send DH to the liquor store - mama needs her wine and there’s no homemade left!

Soak & brine turkey. Set up tables and chairs with DH. Have DD set tables.

Oh and take a look at the forms one of the colleges DD applied to needs to complete the application. Some financial crap they need. It is Wednesday so I should do bills at some point. Maybe when I break for lunch.

Eat leftovers for dinner and Pass out

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I forgot the pate! Need to make that today too.