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Thursday, November 28th - Thanksgiving To Do

Started 11/28/19 by scapermom; 84 views.
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From: scapermom


Turkey time! Will be taking the bird out of the fridge in a bit to rest before throwing it in the roaster. I’m trying a dry brine this year. 

Left to cook are the potatoes  - sweet (candied and mashed) & white (mashed) and the brussel sprouts (just boiling with butter sauce). Also going to do an apple crisp in my tiny slow cooker for myself.

Have to remember the rolls. 

Never set the tables last night. After breakfast and the turkey’s in the oven I’ll get to that.

 The turkey was still frozen inside and couldn’t get out the neck, so I had to soak that til late before I could do the brine.

Oh and my sink got stuffed up. So DH took it apart & made a Home Depot run for new parts. He just poured some drain-o for good measure.

Good luck to us!