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Friday, November 29th To Do

Started 11/29/19 by scapermom; 104 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?

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From: scapermom


The day after! Survived... but feeling beat up. Sink worked fine too. Sent home a lot of leftovers. But of course there’s still more. 

Now it’s time for the big clean up. DH & I did do a lot late into the night last night, but there’s still more. I’ll wash linens and start putting away dishes and such. Look for wayward utensils and things that I’m sure were put in wrong places. Found a few of my everyday knives in with the ‘good’ cutlery from last year.

Already did a little Black Friday shopping online too.  A ton of emails to go through.

Should work on the financial forms for one of DDs college apps. Make sure she submits her last one too. 

Dog walk and maybe a soft yoga workout?

Leftovers for days. If I have energy I’ll make them into something different like a turkey pot pie maybe? We shall see.


From: friedchickn


We survived. All of us. Even the grumpy goat who is just a #### show. Massive props to my in-laws for pulling that off. No way no how would I have done that. Nope. Nope.

dh made us breakfast...potato pancakes (made with some leftover mashed) and eggs. Then I made him find a place deep in the woods to dump the turkey pan. After that he escaped to go skiing.

dd is doing homework.

im waiting for the piano tuner to come. And cleaning. Oh so much cleaning. Got most of the dishes and glassware done last night. It all needs to go back. The linens are all shaken out but still need spot treatment and washing. Scrubbed the crap out of the turkey pan and I’ve got the stove top and oven going now. Should be ready to scrub in an hour.

id like to do some Black Friday shopping and I need to hit Walgreens at some point.

today’s workout looks like retribution for all I ate yesterday  

dh called dinner out tonight.