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Saturday, November 30th - To Do

Started Nov-30 by scapermom; 95 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’slist?

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From: scapermom


Almost all back in order. Just a few more things to clean & collect then it can all get boxed up & put in the basement.

Started taking out Christmas decorations yesterday and more to do today.

DH goes back to work tomorrow. So need to set him up with some grab & go breakfasts.

Put off doing the financial forms yesterday, but did help DD get her last (?) application done.

DD & I are planning on hitting a few of the local mom & pop stores today to support Small Business Saturday. 

Usual stuff like laundry, dog walk and declutter will happen as well. 

More leftovers to finish - hopefully today. May make a bone broth with the turkey carcasses today if I have time.


From: friedchickn


How is it only 1?!?!  I’m exhausted.

dd and I went into town early for the small business Saturday sales. She found a few things...I got a top that I’m gonna wear to a wine dinner that’s coming up. Already have DD’s top air fluffing and my top will be soaking in woolite soon. I currently have one of dh’s wool beanies in there.

went to a holiday parade a few towns over, stopped for brunch and then picked up DD’s car from the tire place. She needed new tires and I didn’t want to wait a snowy month. ($1300 later....ouch).

Dh is now out there re-torquing the tires and then Dd is gonna help him get the Xmas decorations and tree down from the attic.

Still have to put the tree up and make mini meatloaves. Dd leaves tomorrow.

in other news....i moved a big leather chair down to our entertainment room (from my office) and I think I like it there. Do I get a new chair? And I also moved a plush chair to the dining table ...and I also like that there too. Do I need a new chair for our bedroom???? Not making any decisions until after the holidays (when it goes back to just Dh and I) unless something totally jumps out at me.

i think I need a nap. Lol