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Tuesday, December 3rd - To Do

Started 12/3/19 by scapermom; 82 views.
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From: scapermom


So with all that, not even a delayed opening today! The eye exam was cancelled at least. They called me since they were closing early. Oh & DDs school let the seniors who drive leave early, but everyone else stayed til regular time.

Not one plow down our street either. I’m sure DDs feet are wet on the bus now. I’ll ask her if she needs a change of shoes when I pick her up for mentorship later.

I’ve got a laundry batch going now. Want to finish putting the thanksgiving things in the basement before heading out to pick DD up. Also going to toss what’s left of the leftovers since tomorrow’s garbage day. There’s really not much - just some sides. The fresh green beans in the casserole didn’t go over well. They want the canned mushy stuff lol!

I think I’ll be able to get in a quick workout before heading out. Maybe a 1 mile ‘walk at home’ video? Want to leave early and give myself time in case the roads are icy.  Supposed to warm up to the 40s at some point at least.

May stop at the grocery store on the way home. Need veggies and something for DDs lunch. 

When I get back from pick up, I’ll attempt what I didn’t get done yesterday. I doubt I’ll have time, but I should try to get some soliciting in for the gift auction.

DH is working a double. So I’ll make DD some tortellini for an easy dinner. I’ll eat some of the leftover pot roast from last night.