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Thursday December 5th - To Do

Started 12/5/19 by scapermom; 100 views.

From: scapermom


List what ya got

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From: scapermom


Got DD up, fed & packed. DH is driving her since he was up & off. I’ll go pick her up in a few hours to take her to her internship. Depending on what he’s got on his plate we’ll decide which one of us goes to pick her up later.

4 minute workout then have to sort then do a load of laundry. Kitchen cleanup.

I spent a good portion of yesterday decluttering in the dining room. DH has the job of bringing all the extra chairs down the basement. I also did some Christmas decorating in there. A little more to do today. Then I’ll move in to the office/living room to declutter. We usually set up the tree in there so need to make room for that there. Hoping to get it up by Saturday. DH has to haul it up from the basement.

Dog walk. She got cheated out of it yesterday so she’s going to be beastly.

The key is what/how much I can get done before leaving at 10:15? 

I’ve been putting off the dang financial forms. Need to get on it.

Also take stock of the Xmas gift list to see what else I need to get. Target gift cards worked well for all the cousins kids last year, so I’ll do that again this year. There’s one more in town this year from the west coast - well he’s in DC but I’m sure we’ll see him around during holiday parties so need to have a just in case gift ready.

Going to try to make a seafood piccata with a frozen shellfish mix I found. 


From: friedchickn


No contractors today!!!!  Waiting on the electrician...sometime this month I’m told. Works for me. In the meantime, I’m fixing an access patch in the master closet. There’s a few other touch ups that will need to be done...but I’ll wait til they’re done for those.

Meeting a friend for lunch. She texted me that she’s gonna lose her ####. Lol. I get that.

Yoga andthe book discussion tonight. I managed to finish the book last night. Phew.

So that’s a lot of running around...and I’m keeping my list short and doable because of that.

piano practice. Make some carrot sticks. Finish hand washing my heated socks and my bras. And if I get the time...put the pine garland up on the bannister...sigh...which will require taking the lights down and putting back up. Whoops.

dh is off skiing this morning and then has calls all day. So it’s basically just little old me.