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Wednesday, January 8th - To Do

Started Jan-8 by scapermom; 107 views.
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From: scapermom


Today’s list is full of things I know I won’t get done but I’m listing them anyway - who needs a sense of accomplishment? Not this girl! Lol!

This pickup drop off crap is really eating into my day. I just realized I have to cancel/reschedule 2 appointments because of it.

DH is still sick, but on the mend, so home again today... in the way and popping up at inconvenient times asking for tea or soup.

Laundry’s going. Dog walk later. Quick workout now.

Have bills, filing & expense tracking. Maybe upload receipts if I can figure out how.

Should prep for the gift auction meeting tomorrow. 

Finish taking down Xmas. Got out the step stool to get to the high lights.

Have to plan my shopping trip for tomorrow so I can stay on budget. Last week I put it all in online as if I was ordering it and it really helped. This week I’m supposed to go down to 50% of my normal budget. I think I may have to go to Aldi or Walmart to do that. Walmart is closer but I really hate that store. Wonder if Target is an option? Today’s my day to figure it out.

Leave here at 10ish to pick DD up from school. Bank on the way home since I forgot stuff yesterday. Then home & back out at 2 to pick her up & take her home.

Sliders for dinner tonight.


From: friedchickn


Ok. Phew. I’m exhausted and I’m just started.

Just dropped the dog at boarding. Which involves packing his meals and clearing a foot of snow off my car. Sigh. But it’s done. So there’s that.

Enjoying my 2nd and incredibly important cup of coffee before dealing with everything I just chucked in the house the past 2 days.

Once that’s dealt with I’ll start packing for London.

A workout and some piano practice.

Lunch with my ladies.

Suppose I need to figure out dinner too. Sigh. Noooooo


From: scapermom


London! When do you leave? Have a fantastic time! What’s your game plan? Definitely do some clothes/shoe shopping there. Wonder if Jones Bootmakers is still there? I still wear the boots I bought there ages ago.


From: friedchickn


Gonna be a tourist and do stupid tourist things...only really have a few days