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Thursday, January 16th - To Do

Started Jan-16 by scapermom; 73 views.

From: scapermom


What’s going on?

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From: scapermom


Finally getting here. Crazy morning. Bus came early, but dd made it. Then it’s been downhill from there. DH came back home after trying every which way to get to work this morning. Major accident on the turnpike closed down and made every other road going north a nightmare. He had an appointment at 7 and was still in transit from 5 am at the time so just turned around and came home.

Have been helping him gather some documents and we also did a nice long dog walk. Laundry need to be taken out of the dryer. 

Have about an hour before I go pick up DD. I’ll hopefully finish with laundry by then. Maybe pull out the info I need to add Emerson to the FAFSA & CSS - forgot about that. She’s also toying with Ramapo now since her guidance told them they were extending deadline for her school since they do a dual credit deal with them. Sigh

Rest of day in between pick ups will be a few calls and who knows what?

scallops I didn’t make last night tonight.


From: friedchickn


Couldn't I was up at 6 am.  Dog was less than thrilled. It hadn't started snowing I had 2 outings on my agenda: book committee meeting at 9:30 and yoga at 4:45.  Snow starting coming down hard about an hour later and both got canceled pretty quickly. So I emailed in my book selections and I'll do an online yoga workout later.

Electrician showed up at 8 to finish the AC wiring, he just left.  And I'd love to go run my errands a couple towns over.....but it's dumping snow now and that doesn't seem the wisest of decisions given that dh is still in Europe.

So....cleaned the cat water friggin gross.  It's like a damn fish bowl without filtration.  Yuck.  Put the last coat of paint on the first bathroom shelf.  Ordered 2 dining room chairs in a gorgeous teal.  Looked through Athleta's latest clearance and etsy/amazon for a better cover for my reMarkable tablet.

Which by the way I love.  Setup all my budget and bill paying lists in it last night!  Now I'm working on movie lists and book lists and restaurant lists....

Still to do....

piano, make a pizza dough, remove the last of the christmas decorations and read a chapter each in Daring Greatly and Silent Spring...both which have to go back on Wednesday.

Not sure about dinner....probably just something light.  Lunch will be the last of the broccoli chicken cheese soup/chowder I made on Tuesday.