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Monday, January 20th - To Do

Started Jan-20 by scapermom; 84 views.
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From: scapermom


It’s monday, but a holiday, so a mixed up kind of day here. 

I’ll try to get my regular house blessing done but probably not all 7 items. 

Have a bunch of tabs up on my ipad with artilcles I’ve saved to read, so hope to get to them today. 

Going to decide if we’ll do an ad in DDs senior yearbook or not. Not really my style to do that really. 

Also have a form to fill out and check to write for DD to get college credit for a class she’ll be taking next semester. 

Wanted to coordinate and get dd to register for the priority accepted student days.

Will try to help DH figure out how to get downtown tomorrow morning. Driving would be easiest, but not easy to park a truck down there & he can’t take my car since I’ll need it. 

Took out steaks for dinner.


From: friedchickn


It's been a while since i did Flylady's house blessings....what are the 7 things?


From: scapermom


FlyLady sets her timer for 10 minutes to work on each of 7 ways to bless your home:

  1. Vacuum
  2. Dust
  3. Mop
  4. Polish Mirrors and Doors
  5. Purge magazines
  6. Change Sheets
  7. Empty all trash

This takes approximately one hour; some tasks take less than 10 minutes.

-She does daily videos now (live on facebook then puts them up on Youtube) and on Monday picks the tasks out of a jar then sets the timer for 2 or 3 minutes so it can be even quicker (and somewhat fun).