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Wednesday, January 22nd - To Do

Started Jan-22 by scapermom; 95 views.
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From: scapermom


It’s Wednesday so bills, filing and expense sheet

Shuttle around DD

Errands - quick grocery & CVS

Calls for driving test & dental appointment 

Dinner sheet pan burgers


From: friedchickn


Just realized I've been MIA....sorry.  Got busy I guess.

Today looks pretty normal on paper.

A workout, piano practice. 

I have a stack of mail that needs dealing with.  Lord knows what's in there.

Dinner will be raviolis that I picked up at the little Italian grocery when we were in Portland on Monday.  I'll make a salad to round it out.

I have a load of laundry in teh dryer and a stack to steam.

Dump day....although I may just gather the trash and do the cat litter but not the whole dump run since I think we are pretty low.

And I have top return a few books to the library.

Dh was a busy boy this morning and scheduled his car, his eyes, teh truck and he has to stop by the local docs office to fill out transfer I feel like a slacker.  I may go with him and just transfer my lot to teh local doc too.  It's not like I have anything interesting going on and quite frankly if I did, I'd see a specialist in Portland or Boston.  Ugghhh.  It's kinda the last thing on my moving to do list and I've been dreading it for no apparent reason.

Still love the tablet...and I'm getting used to teh new fitbit.  Still not sure i like it on my wrist.


From: scapermom


I thought you left me for your new tablet! wink

But seriously, I’ve slacked somewhat lately myself. Some days it’s just easier to get right at it and ‘do’ rather than write about it...

Funny must be something in the air, since DH has been ‘laid off’ and home he’s been pretty productive as well. He’s been to Social security office, got his photo for his passport, applied online for an official birth certificate, cancelled his old work phone finally, went to the apple store to get his new phone working properly (couldn’t add apps for some reason) and even took down all the Christmas lights!

He’s been trying everything not to have to go to downtown Manhattan, but this morning he bit the bullet & went. I helped him map out his route and transfers. 


From: friedchickn


sounds like someone feels guilty....