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Wednesday, January 29th - To Do

Started Jan-29 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


Last Wednesday of January to do?

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From: scapermom


Spent this morning driving for an hour, so I’m behind on my usual routine. But laundry’s started, dogs been fed & out and coffee’s been consumed.

Forgot to run the dishwasher last night so will do that this morning.

Need to get the next step of passport renewals rolling. I think it will involve a trip to the post office, but I may have to re fill in the forms I did months ago. 

Also have bills, filing and expense sheet to work on. 

I’ll upload the rest of the receipts since I finally figured out how to do it. I got the date wrong on the one I did, but apparently they didn’t catch that and it went through so why am I worrying about it? 

Need to figure out when I can get DD to the oral surgeon for a consult. Friggin wisdom teeth.

Have a webinar tonight with one of the colleges DDs been accepted to regarding housing & financial aide. 

Going to throw a pork butt in the instant pot for dinner.


From: friedchickn


Ugghhhh.  I'm sore.  And I slept like crap for no apparent reason.  And my eyes are so itchy and watery.  WTF?!?

Whining done.

I have a vet tech appt this afternoon to get the dog his bordatella vac.  Dump day, so trash and recycle gathering and obviously....dumping. A load of laundry to put away and a load in the dryer to be dealt with.

Gonna do my workout after the vet appt.  That should suck.

Need to deal with the mail from Monday.  A couple bills, a receipt or 2 and a weird note from the insurance that I have to call about.  Why?

15 more minutes on taxes

I hate the fitbit band I I'm gonna look at amazon and etsy to see if I can get something different.

And the crocheted modesty panel I need to try it on with the dress I need for dh's work trip to make sure I don't have porn star boobs anymore.

Piano practice...

And tonight, dinner with the gals.  Trivia and $5 off pizza!!!!