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Wednesday, February 5th - To Do

Started Feb-5 by scapermom; 71 views.

From: scapermom


DD’s on her way to school, dogs been fed & out. Laundry and workout tbd. I moved up to 20 mins! Woohoo! 

Bill paying and taxes are the priorities today. Not going to spend much time on the taxes since I don’t even think I’ve got everything yet. But at least I can see what I don’t have yet and start filling out the form from the accountant.

Have to swing by the township to pay taxes and renew dog license.

Also should go to Costco - have a return & hoping the line isn’t horrendous on a Wednesday afternoon. I’ll of course shop while I’m there.

There was a last minute online parent session for UTampa last night. Some good info. Need to update my spreadsheet. 

When DD gets home, I’ll call the driving school to reserve her car & refresher session for the big test day (I would call earlier but I realized I don’t have her time slot written anywhere).

I’ll make something with chicken breast tonight for dinner. Casserole maybe?


From: friedchickn


Wednesday is dump day!!!  LOL.  Haven't gone in a bit...gathered and stored in the cold garage...but not gone.  So I kinda have to. Even if I really don't wanna (for no good reason).

So.  That means cat litter and trash collection around the house.  Which is no big deal, get over yourself.  LOL.

Honestly, I feel like I have a big case of the "I don't wanna's"....gotta push past that crap.

Today's workout and piano practice.  Will also throw in either a ROMWOD or a 2 min plank...whichever I can convince myself will suck less.  LOL

I have some online stuff to get done...walgreens challenge log in, an oxcart course and 15 min on the damn taxes....I left off at real estate taxes....which should be a joy since 2 properties were sold/bought, so it's not straight forward.  I don't even know where to I suppose 15 min will fly by.  LOL.  And I need to deal with all of yesterday's email and the mail I picked up.

One of my books is in at the library, so I said I'd go get it.  I tried to power through my book last night cause it's due today....but I'm afraid I'm just gonna be late with it.  Eh....think of it as a donation, LOL.

Today's fun....dinner out with my ladies.  We are doing trivia night again.  They're hooked.  LOL.  And it's just nice to get out with I don't really care what we do.


From: scapermom


That trivia night is something straight out of a Hallmark movie! They don’t have stuff like that in Jersey! Lol! But sounds like fun!

There used to be a restaurant we went to with really big TVs and you could choose which channel to listen to. One was a trivia game (which would have been my fave) but we usually went with Spongebob for the kids or sports for the guys.


From: friedchickn


Yes they do!!!!  I've seen them in Summit when I wasn't even looking....