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Tuesday, February 18th - To Do

Started Feb-18 by scapermom; 67 views.

From: scapermom


What’s today’s plan?

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From: scapermom


I’ve got the usual - dog, laundry, workout, declutter. Maybe a bit more vacuuming needed as well. 

Have to find the receipts for the prom dresses. She’s keeping 2. The one I bought by accident (thinking it was the one she wanted) is her favorite. Go figure! It’s fairly simple and clingy, wine colored with some rueching (sp?) Pretty cheap too at $59 (some of my friends are paying upwards of $600! For their kids)

Made my grocery list yesterday, so think I’ll get out & shop today.

Going to repurpose leftover chicken into burritos for dinner tonight.


From: friedchickn

Feb-18 that my piano lesson got canceled .....

Started a machaca...set the smoke alarms off at least 6 times....sigh.  Also have some onions carmelizing....cause why not.  When you have a bunch of free time....

Have a pile of mail to go through and deal with and all the receipts from this weekend's many adventures.  Should check the accounts too.  

And I need to submit for dh's doctors appt yesterday.

Catch up on some handwashables...

And shred the 2008 taxes....