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Wednesday, February 19th - To Do

Started Feb-19 by scapermom; 62 views.

From: friedchickn


It is SOOOOOOO windy out.  Like ridiculous.

Managed to fall down the stairs yesterday.  well, a stair.  Inside.  Moving too fast or just usual problem.  Sadly...not the first time I've fallen down stairs...and the number one reason dh gets pissed if I carry anything heavy up or down.  My ass is sooooo sore.  Sigh.  Several days of skiing, x-country skiing and ice hiking and I wipe out in my own home.  LOL.

Today's big eye doctor appt.  I think it's been about 20 years.  I remember going in my 20's....and then...don't think I have after that.  Which is pretty pathetic given that dd has had to go 2X a year since she was 5.  So I have clearly known an eye doctor and probably could have scheduled back to back appts.  At least once.  So...I made it a goal for this year.  

Dh is finally done with the A&D ointment portion of his tattoo...or greased pig as I think of it.  So I changed the sheets and have the old linens in the wash.  They needed it last week...but what was the point of putting clean sheets on the bed if he was an oily slick.

It's wednesday...should normally be a dump day, but I've been striving for zero waste, less waste actually...I'll never get to zero cause there are just things I won't give up or do.  So....basically just needed to do the cat litter and dump the compost bucket outside.  Which led me to some in depth research on more environmentally friendly cat litter.  Gonna try a pine clumping version next Chewy 1 bucket and lowered my regular clay to 2 buckets.  Apparently clay litter is satan's cousin.  LOL.  I mean I knew it wasn't great but geez....

Put together my book selection committee notes.  I'm excited for all 5 of my picks so I guess I'll see what gets ordered.  And I downloaded a new book to my kindle....which needed charging.

piano practice later on....and a workout at 5 when dh gets off calls.  I'll have to see how my butt/back feels and scale accordingly.  Did a 2 min plank which felt just fine.

Dinner out tonight.