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Thursday, February 20th - To Do

Started Feb-20 by scapermom; 72 views.

From: scapermom


What cha got today?

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From: scapermom


So never even got back here yesterday!  As my daughter said “Wednesday was like a week long!” All’s well, just out of control I guess?

So the plan today is to try to reign it all in. Going to see what I can push to later dates and maybe even eliminate. 

Was going to return the prom dress today, but am looking into just mailing it back. Either that or will put it off til the weekend.

Also going to renew my library book online and keep it another 3 weeks or whatever they give me. It’s basically a cook book, but lots of great budget ideas. Like it gave me the idea to switch us over to cloth napkins (we go through so/too many). I have a lovely set my mom had given me years ago that I’ll be laundering for us to start using.

I’ve got some more bills to pay, receipts to log & filing to do. That file pile has grown. Spent most of my time yesterday trying to figure out what happened to a check I didn’t log. My DH had me thinking I sent out a blank check somewhere and according to him that was fine... ugh!

Never even got to taxes, so will see if I can spend a few minutes on that today.

Did get to wash all the dog towels. Then sanitized the washer. Doing a batch of DHs work clothes now.

DD was in a panic because all of her classmates have heard back from Rutgers regarding financial packages and she hasn’t. Had to check to make sure I put them on the Fafsa... She got accepted to their honors program, so I’m sure she’ll get something, no?  Oh and she got denied for that full ride scholarship, but they did throw some more $ at her as a consolation prize. She was actually happy since a full ride would mean she would HAVE to go there. Smart kid!

Ok onward and upward? 

Thinking baked cod, broccoli & sweet potato fries tonight.


From: friedchickn


I've been using cloth napkins and rags instead of paper towels for awhile...and I love it.  Less waste in the environment and less waste in the budget.  It seems like such a little thing....but adds up.  Glad you're giving it a try.  Pro tip:  Look at yard sales and thrift shops for more....cause you can never have too many and people get rid of them all the time.


From: friedchickn


Dh needs to go.  LOL.  He's grumpy and I'm just not in the mood.  He leaves on I'm mentally counting down.  

I have the book selection committee this morning, then my friend wants to meet for coffee afterwards. 

Dishwasher is running.  Should steam a few shirts that are piling up.  And I have a pillowcase to mend.

Eye appt went fine.  No glasses...apparently still better than perfect. So while I may perceive a decline, it's not correctable.  "Someday you'll be normal....." gee thanks.  Dh was grumpy about that too....I think cause he needs readers?!?  Whatever...

I do have to submit the receipt.  And check on Dh's receipt.  The new system sucks.  I hate it and I hope they change next year.

Was going to head over to the ILs and work on their door....but I don't know....I'd have to shovel and my back still feels like ####.  How is this my problem? They're not even my damn parents.

Dd had to take her Jeep in for brakes....apparently a caliper seized and now the rotor is dead too.  $1300.  Sigh.  Great.

Ohhhhh....I have the salties today, don't I?  LOL

Dinner....mac and cheese with ham and peas....gonna mix in a bit of pimento cheese that I got that was not great alone on a cracker.  Figure it'll be fine melted in with everything else.