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Monday, March 2nd - To Do

Started 3/2/20 by scapermom; 87 views.
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From: scapermom


Up and going for hours...just never got here. Sigh

Spent some time figuring out how to send back a Macy’s purchase. Tried printing the label but the ink gave out, so then had to order new ink (free next day delivery). One thing after another. 

Today’s Monday, so need to get to the house blessing. Have laundry going - in dryer. Need to start on the HB tasks - purge papers, change linens, empty trash, dust, vacuum, shine mirrors/doors & quick mop(though should I? More rain & muddy footprints expected tomorrow).

I’ll fit in a quick workout. May do the Yoga with Adrienne workout of the day. 

Considering a jaunt to Costco. Go there way too much, but they have stuff we use on the regular.

Still need to work on a bill I never resolved from last week.

Spicy pork and pineapple in the Instant Pot tonight. 


From: friedchickn


It is one thing after another isn't it...I had that last week when I tried to write a check.  Last check, so I go to the safe to get the next book and the next book says I have to reorder....sigh.  I just wanted to write a check.

Dh left at 3:30 this morning and won't be back til mid day on Thursday.  And I'm actually pretty stoked....LOL.  I set up a few playdates, have shows and a movie I want to watch, 2 books to read, and projects galore.  The time will fly by.

Stripped the bed.  Went to go start the linens and realized dh unpacked his suitcase straight into the washer.  So I started a load of darks and I'll get back to the linens after that.  I want to get my down comforter done today (and the spare down comforter I've been avoiding doing)  The rest will probably get finished tomorrow since those things take forever and a day to dry.

The usual monday stuff....bills, receipts and emails.

Kitchen is all cleaned up.  and I have a plan for lunch today.  Planning on eating from the freezer all week...til dh gets home.  There's a few single serve dinners in there and then some spare parts that I can use to make a few things.

workout, later a ROMWOD and also a 2:15 plank.  My goal by the end of the month is to be at 2:30.

More baby blanket...downloaded a couple podcasts for today and tomorrow's long drive.

piano practice.

and tonight i'm going to see a movie with a friend.