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Thursday, March 5th - To Do

Started 3/5/20 by scapermom; 82 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on today’s list?

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From: scapermom


Got DD up & out. Believe it or not allergies are already hitting us. The back drip is happening. DH is sneezing more. Should have stocked up on Zyrtec or whatever they were using last year. Need to check if what we have is still good.

Laundry is going, dog’s been out & fed.

Today is basically errand day. I’ve got a library book to return, and a box that needs to be taped up, labeled and brought to a UPS drop off location.

Also want to work on taxes since I didn’t get to that yesterday.

Dog walk, and today’s workout is a 20 min power walk.

Defrosting salmon for dinner tonight.


From: friedchickn


Well....doesn't appear that it was food poisoning....he's got a fever and continued his admin got him on a flight home and now he's dying in my house. least he's mostly quiet and contained.  LOL.  And his entire team from London, where he was last week, is all apparently down for the same count, except for one woman.  The joke is that she negotiated a better deal with the germs....LOL.

Doesn't change my plans for today much.

I'm baking a cake....a fall apple cake that dd loves.  Prepping some food...she'll be here for roughly 24 hrs but hey...I'm that mom.  And I have to get her room and bathroom sorted out.

Yoga tonight.

Piano practice and work on the baby blanket.  I'd like to get the main stitching done so that I can pack up the sewing machine til they all leave again on Saturday.

Also trying to get a binder for the boat insurance so we can finish the purchase and move on to the next steps...but our insurance agent is a dimwit.  Sigh.....Should really switch, cause she is just not great....but I keep kicking that can down the curb.